Digital Painting 001C

...the Final one. I corrected the shape of the eye, though touch ups done on eye lashes with water color could not bring the same sharpness as of a flash sketch (vector based), but overall, I'm okay with the results. Water color on a thick lined sketch gives a comic book illustration feel which I love. This is done :)
Somehow, I like strong contrasts. Here, the dark hair against bright skin tone provides a nice depth and visual appeal.

Digital Painting 001B

...here's the second stage. I chose water color option to go with. It's amazing how you feel inside your belly every time you start something new, and the fear of screwing it up. Hence, I always start slow, and place my strokes carefully when dealing with a new medium. An unsatisfactory work can bring your moral down drastically.

Digital Painting 001A

Here I started a portrait, drawn on flash...I love the clean vector strokes. I realized that the shape of eye is not correct, but left it to correct on coral painter.