Mehrangarh | Time in Motion

Light Calligraphy

In filming partneship with World Scared Spirit Festival, Mehrangarh Museum Trust. 
Light Calligraphy: Julien Breton 
Photography: © Virender Rathore

Flamenco Dancer 1 | Charcoal on Paper

Kalbelia Dancer | Charcoal on Paper

Flamenco Dancer 2 | Charcoal on Paper


World Sufi Spirit Festival | Nagaur

Here's promo of World Sufi Spirit Festival held at Nagaur. The qawwali used in this promo is sung by Raza Khan along with his students and team members. It was such a mind blowing performance that at the end of it, I had to go and meet him to congratulate.
Fun Fact : Artist being artist, Raza Khan ji was so lost & oblivious, that when His Highness Maharaja of Jodhpur went and congratulated him, he asked 'Aap ki tareef?' :)
To know more about the festival, you can visit http://worldsacredspiritfestival.org/ 

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Saxophone Player | Charcoal on Paper

Quick Scribble

Jasmine | Charcoal on Paper

Nude | Charcoal on Paper

You and I | Watercolour on Paper

Light Painting | Experimental Props

World Sufi Spirit Festival | Jodhpur

Was official filming Partner with #Mehrangarh Museum Trust to Shoot & Direct #WSSF World Sufi Spirit Festival Nagaur and Jodhpur. An event that would fill your heart with joy and render you speechless.
In Jodhpur edition, along with folk artists, some of the established contemporary singer are also invited to keep the flavor upbeat. But to experience the soulful music in calm and exotic setting, one must visit Nagaur.
The music I have used for this promo is sung and performed by Shreyas and Abhas. For more, you can visit their youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4DDdfvp8FITTAw0Hgj16hQ, and to know more about the festival you can visit festival site at http://worldsacredspiritfestival.org/ 
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The Polo Season